Want to know how to create the best Instagram account and stand out among the 95 million posts uploaded every day? Doone Roisin (30.6k followers), social media expert and owner of Sweet P Social www.sweetpsocial.com gives us her tips on making sure your pictures tells a thousand words.

Sweet P Social is a new platform that connects social media content creators with aspirational brands.

Instagram allows viewers to look through a little personality window into the life of the user. It’s moved on in leaps and bounds from its early days of food posts, animal posts, baby posts and selfies. It’s now a verified platform for garnering attention from brands who want to work with authentic content creators in order to drive their sales forward organically and generate word-of-mouth validation.

We work with lots of content creators at Sweet P Social and here are some ideas on how to stand out among the crowd, and who knows – maybe you’ll be working with us one day!

1. Keep it simple – don’t fill the image with too much for the viewer to look at. Framing the subject (whether it’s a person, food, pet or building) with negative space means the eye will be drawn to what’s in the shot. If it’s too busy then the viewer will get bored figuring out what to look at and scroll on.

2. Keep it consistent – stick to similar styles for each image you post so that you can create a clear view of what you’re trying to achieve. This way when someone is viewing your profile all the images together create a wider aesthetic and more appealing vision.

3. Engage your audience – using hashtags or engaging comments makes it more likely your audience will want to interact with you, which means so will brands.

4. Make it interesting – experiment with light, different angles or even props to create a more interesting edge to an image which would otherwise have been fairly mainstream. Using a beam of natural light to illuminate a subject against a dark background instantly makes an image more appealing and aesthetic.

5. Don’t get snap happy – There’s nothing more off-putting that having your feed filled with dozens of posts from the same account in a short space of time. One image should be enough for you to say what you need to - it also means that your followers stay engaged and eager to see what’s next.

6. Have fun! – if it looks like you enjoy what you’re doing it will show through in your images.

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