British women are constantly on the search for the #Perfect fit in all areas of their life apart from their period protection according to Tampax as they release their new Tampax Compak Pearl.

Women are constantly on the hunt for perfect fitting jeans

Women are constantly on the hunt for perfect fitting jeans

In fact ladies spend £20,000 and a whole month over a lifetime trying to find the things that fit their body exactly, as they strive for perfection.

The most sorted after items of clothing that require the perfect fit include jeans, bras and shoes. But it begs the question why are women so preoccupied with this perfect fit? According to the research, women feel a positive emotional and psychological impact when they are successful in finding something that enhances their body.

Jeans make women feel; "amazing! A real confidence booster!" and "euphoric"!

As expected, the opposite is felt when they fail to find something that compliments their shape; with 80% who feel "disappointed", 70% are "frustrated" and 65% said they experienced "stress". Not only that, but more than one in ten women ( 15%) have been brought to tears.

So when these items are found and moods are stabilised, women neglect the perfect fit that's required inside as well as out. Only 21% have considered making a conscious effort to find period protection that fits their body shape and size.

A third of women would carry on using the same absorbency of tampon even if it leaked, with 18% who would wait and see if the same happened before looking for a different brand or type.

Why settle for ill-fitting period protection when you don't in any other area of your life?

Tampax ask that women pull this essential life tool from the back of the bathroom cabinet and from the bottom of their handbags and embrace their time of the month by paying it a little more attention.

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