According to new research revealing that 58% of us will be applying for a new job in 2016, beating a new look (38%) and better body (23%) to the top of Britain's New Year wish list.

The study of 2,000 Brits by CB12 First Class Breath revealed that one in two (53%) of us will be kicking off the job hunt during the first month back at work, with one in five people (21%) planning on skipping work to attend a job interview.

One in five (20%) people say a desire for a new career path and stress are the top reasons behind their itchy feet; and one in seven (14%) are hoping a change in vocation will allow them more quality time with their partner.

While the nation will be busy updating CVs and scanning job sites in January, it appears good manners and fresh breath are a must when attending an interview as the nation blames bad manners (72%); avoiding eye contract (48%) and unpleasant breath (42%) among the worst offenders when it comes to making a bad first impression.

It also emerged that seven in ten people (72%) think that confidence is the most important thing when it comes to impressing a potential employer, followed by good conversation (58%) and a great dress sense (39%).

Commenting on the research, dentist and CB12 expert, Dr Luke Thorley said "When it comes to scoring the job of your dreams, a good first impression is key. Confidence plays a major role in this and fresh breath is part of this equation. I often have patients coming in asking me what they can do to get rid of foul breath that is causing them embarrassment and limiting them to talking with their hands over their mouth."

"The best way to check your breath is to lick the inside of your wrist with the back part of your tongue and let it dry to get a true reflection of your breath freshness."

For those staying put at work, it appears one in eight (12%) of us will be tackling a tricky conversation with the boss to negotiate a pay rise or promotion in the New Year.

While bagging a new job is the nation's number one New Year resolution, we will also be trying new things in 2016 with almost a third of us (31%) saying we would like to take on a new hobby and one in six (16%) planning to learn a new language.

Social plans are also top of the agenda, as the study reveals over a quarter of us (29%) would like to meet new people and one in seven (14%) hope to enter a new relationship.

A spokeswoman for CB12 First Class breath said, "With so many of us planning new jobs, new friendships and even new love in the New Year, it's no surprise that four in ten of us would like to be more confident. Meeting people for the first time can be daunting; however making small changes to your personal care routine can have a major impact on your overall confidence, so you can take on that interview or tricky promotion chat with the boss."

Not wanting to break with tradition, Brits will also be in search of the perfect body in the New Year with four in ten (44%) hoping to lose weight and 23% planning to join a gym in January. Six in ten (60%) will even be ramping up their personal grooming routine so they can take on 2016 with confidence.

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Career change is at the top of all our new year list

Career change is at the top of all our new year list

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