The much anticipated Apple event took place on Wednesday where Apple's CEO Tim Cook, revealed upcoming new devices and updates.

Apple Unveils New Products

Apple Unveils New Products

As every year, a new iPhone handset was announced. The iPhone 6S has some notable improvements, including a 3D touch screen, 4k videos and a 12 mega-pixel camera.

The iPad is getting a new model as well, and this time, instead of getting smaller, it's getting bigger. The new iPad Pro boasts a 12.9 inch screen, which is the same height as the iPad Air. Apple also introduced two new accessories for the iPad Pro: a smart keyboard and the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is more than just a stylus as it has built in sensors that can detect force, position as well as tilt.

Another notable product that was spoken about is the new Apple TV. The new Apple TV now includes Siri with an upgraded iOS, where you will be able to perform a universal search across all services including Netflix, Itunes and Hulu.

In terms of software, the new operating system, iOS 9 was described in greater detail. This will provide a host of new features and user interface upgrades for the iPad and iPhone.

These are just a couple announcements from the Keynote event.

You can see a recording of the entire event here.