Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler doesn’t seem to realise that media interviews are part and parcel of being a rock star, as he refused to be interviewed for a new documentary detailing the lives of Aerosmith.

The group's story will be told as part of America's A&E network's series Biography and will be broadcast on Thursday night - but it won't feature candid chatter from Tyler!

Instead, former manager Tim Collins consented to an interview for the first time since he and the band parted ways over a decade ago. He tells FemaleFirst, "They said Steven wasn't going to participate and had squelched a lot of people. I just think they're America's greatest rock band, and I wanted to set the record straight. I was only supposed to do 30 minutes, but I let them keep me on tape."

The TV special also features chats with Aerosmith bandmates Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, as well as an interview with band biographer Stephen Davis.

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison