The South

The South

Artist: The South

Single: Second Coming

Label: Zoo Records


Rating: 4/5

The South make their return this week with their brand new single Second Coming - a track which comes hot off the heels of the release of the album Sweet Refrains.

Second Coming is another great track from the band and this is opening track from the album - not mention the most infectious on the record.

It’s a controlled and yet powerful vocal performance from Dave Hemingway and a great return to form for the band.

There is a familiar jaunty sound to the track and yet there is a freshness and a vibrancy to the band, and that is a real thrill to listen to.

Guitars and trumpets blend perfectly together - the latter really do drive this track forward as there is a great solo in the middle of the song.

Second Coming really is a truly upbeat and fun song that you will want to listen to again and again. It is great to see this band back and they really are on top form.

The South - Second Coming is out now

Click here to download The South - Second Coming

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