There's a subtle elegance that Passenger manages to deliver in the folk-pop storytelling tunes contained within latest album 'Whispers'.

Michael David Rosenberg is the man behind the music - an artist who decided to keep the band's name despite the break-down of the group back in 2009.

Now as a solo artist he stormed the charts with 'Let Her Go', and Passenger has been a household name ever since.

This new release is one that will pick you up from the very first moment and take you on an emotional journey of self-exploration through the short stories told.

Details into love and joy as well as despair and death are prominent as Passenger shows off his skills, weaving passion-fuelled vocals between melodies and soft production that make for easy listening.

Whilst 'Golden Leaves' is heart-wrenching, we then move onto the upbeat and joyous 'Thunder' which provides imagery of turtles wandering down to the sea.

He sings with such realistic devotion that we believe everything here is at stake - this is his only option, to sing, and if he doesn't make it that's it, there's nothing left.

Any listener should be drawn right in and though the album comes in at 42 minutes, it simply won't seem enough. You'll pine for more (which you can get with the deluxe edition that holds seven acoustic versions of the album's tracks), but will go away feeling satisfied.

Ending it in the very best way possible with 'Scare Away The Dark', Passenger's memories and hopes will resonate with those who are familiar with pop culture, leaving you in a state of contemplation.

Shining throughout without one dud song to bring the collection down, it's an assortment of music that should keep being discussed for years to come following its release.

Passenger's 'Whispers' is out now.

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