Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Firstly, I LOVE this song. And secondly, as a single to be released off the new album of the same name, I now have high hopes and anticipation for its February release.

Hot Chip have been making sweet, sweet music together since the early noughties, but back then it was a little less dance and a lot more poetic, gross. It's a good job they decided to scrap this notion and deliver us some of the most subtle, yet powerful, electropop beats.

Hot Chip are no stranger at producing catchy dance-floor fillers, but this single is a delightful little ray of sunshine after their last album, Made In The Dark, which sounded exactly that - as though it was made in the dark. (Round of applause please).

The album was a mild disappointment to fans and critics alike, with it's overall 'zany' make-up and the fact that, well - quite frankly - it was all over the place. The intelligence behind the music was far superior than any of us normal folk could grasp and their attempt to be more eclectic failed.

However, One Life Stand tells me one thing, that Hot Chip must have stood back and taken a good hard look at themselves. It seems that everything that was wrong with their last album, they have corrected, and everything that was right with it they have put into a better and more coherent record which oozes something that other singles have previously missed the mark on - soul.

Comparisons have evolved over their somewhat 10-year history, but this new single suggests that we could be seeing a transformation Depeche Mode or Robert Wyatt would be proud of as it hits rich and raw emotion.

Hot Chip shy away from revealing their characters through their music, and although they manage to, yet again, give us little insight to the people behind the song, they are back, better and ready to receive praise from the mainstream media.

So give up, give in, and let the bold and aggressive verses and passionate chorus - complete with one of the most powerful hooks in recent years - take you on a journey to dance and electric pop heaven. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE this song?

Single available from 1st Feb.

Album available from 8th Feb.

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