New Found Glory - Radiosurgery

New Found Glory - Radiosurgery

New Found Glory are back with their seventh studio album Radiosurgery, their attempt to bridge the gap between old and new fans of pop-punk.

Earlier this year, Chad Gilbert said that the bands wanted to get back to the roots of punk and pop-punk, citing The Ramones and Green Day's Dookie as influences

What they've put out certainly draws on the roots of punk to create an exciting and engaging record.

'Drill It In My Brain' shows the influence Dookie as a record has had on the pop-punk genre, and the power-chord driven riffs definitely suggest it was an inspiration.

Fans of New Found Glory needn't worry though, as the record still carries their infectious hooks and irresistible charm.

However, it shows a slightly edgier, more mature sound - a cliched phrase, but fans shouldn't be concerned.

By mature, we don't mean the band have stopped singing about unrequited love and all the girls they've loved and lost.

This album sees NFG embrace their influences and put their own spin on the roots of pop-punk, and it does make for a great record.

The melodies have the same NFG charm, but instrumentation on songs like 'Ready, Aim, Fire!' suggests influence from the likes of The Clash.

Radiosurgery could easily be the album that sees the pop-punk legends become fully accepted by the wider punk community, but the lyrical subjects on songs like 'Dumped' and 'Map of Your Body' may still put people off.

That said, this album embraces what pop-punk stands for in 2011 - infectious and up-beat tunes that are, above all else, fun to listen to.

'Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing' and 'Memories and Battle Scars' show that NFG haven't matured beyond recognition, and can still effortlessly put out pop-punk classics.

The bonus tracks fit well at the end of the record, and finishes nicely with a cover of The Ramones' 'Blitzkrieg Bop'.

Radiosurgery is one of the best records New Found Glory have released in years, and will ensure they remain relevant in the global pop-punk scene.

Despite taking classic influences, the band haven't taken any steps backwards, putting out another exciting record fourteen years into their career.

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