Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf

I (Rhys) thought Patrick Wolf was in loads of Russian horror films in the ‘80s but it turns out that Patrick Wolf is a singer who looks like a proper weirdo."

The art work is amazing though, he has a new and exciting, dynamic look that you could take into the next decade. There's a man in our band called Adam Hussain and if he met this bloke on a night out he would be like "what's wrong with him?" "Is he gay?". He's not very tolerant of people who are different, but they'd probably end up being mates at the end of the night anyway!

I've (Eggsy) never had a smear test but if I was having one I can imagine this is the song I'd be made to listen to during it. It's good for medical procedures, but not the sort of thing I'd listen to getting ready for a night out. Perhaps if you found a dead body somewhere, you would listen to this, too."

We do hope this man has a terrible accident and can never sing again though. We don't like the music but love the look.

0/0 = music, 5/5 = look

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