The Soldiers

The Soldiers

This is good, they're like three down tempo puffs and a piano. No, one puff and two of his mates maybe. No! Three highly trained killers and a piano... and a gun. Have they ever killed a man? I bet they have.

It's nice when the jingle bells kick in, very Christmassy. You might listen to it if you've recently lost your husband in a car crash/house fire to console yourself. It also reminds me of that song by Spandau Ballet, "True," great song that.

It's really good, I hope people buy it and give them money. 25p of each record sold goes to charity, I'd like to think that 25p of every record sold goes to them aswell, they deserve it.

The Christmas bell noise is really good, I like that, the look of the band is fantastic too, one of them looks like he works in a pizzeria.

They should have called themselves 'Operation Desert Storm," that's a better name. Big up to the UK Armed Forces - even if they are fighting Blair's war.

Overall - They are doing a good job even if my gran would listen to it.

Rating - 3/5

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