It sounds a bit like a hymm at the beginning,  religious with a bit of emo thrown in. Is that right? Emo. Yeh, someone who's religious and into emo music.

I think it seems as though it's made by someone who lives in a rough area but in a big house because their dad is a Priest - they live in one of them Priest houses - and they're trying to make drum&bass to impress their friends. All their other friends are into sex and weed and stuff, so they're trying to be hard and impress them with  their drum&bass skills.

I'd like to see SuBo covering this, that'd be great - I'd like to see SuBo lying on top of Plan B. It physically sounds like SuBo, I wish she was singing this lying on top of Plan B in the 69 position.

Also, somewhere there's a confused 17-year-old boy wanking and crying in his car to this song, he's so confused!

Overall - Real thumbs up white knuckle ride drum&bass tearer. If I was a woman I'd finger myself to this.

Rating - 5/5
Chase and Status

Chase and Status

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