Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro

It sounds like a Spanish guitar at the beginning - nice. I'd drink some wine and gently undress my lover to this song. (Rhys: Well I think it sounds as though I'm about to be raped in a Spanish church by a Priest).

It's only 30 seconds in and I already think this song is brilliant, if I was eating porridge right now I'd be crying.

It sort of sounds like a song by Clive Dunn from Dad's Army, called 'Grandad.' It's very similar, very emotional, lots of people cry when they hear it. Graham in the band cries at it all the time, he'd probably cry to this song.

I can imagine being stood in the rain, I've just split up with the misses and I'm thinking about ending it all, I've got a knife and I'm thinking about cutting my cock off. Or just drinking so much I lose control of my bowels. It's a great break-up record, that's what I'm trying to say.

I'd like to be stood on top of a mountain right now, with my arms open spinning around and shouting, "I'M FREE" that'd be great - then a helicopter goes past with a huge gust of wind and lots of children walk up behind me carrying candles - then I go to a small church and pray.

It's got a very good use of strings, hard yet soft yet medium - good mix.

Overall - If pop music is the bellend these are the blue veins

Rating 5/5

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