James Younger - Feelin' American

James Younger - Feelin' American

James Younger left his home town of Manchester in Britain at the ripe young age of 21 and headed for the States.

He hitchhiked across America, dissecting life in conversations with all those he came across and scribbling down stories in a notepad he kept in his breast pocket.

These conversations and stories became the seeds that would grow into his debut album of pop/rock anthems, Feelin’ American - out on June 25 on Light Organ Records.

As he grew up in Britain, Younger would find himself telling friends he was descended from the outlaws of the American West.

His forefathers rode with Jesse James during an illicit era of train robbing and boozing; this spurred a desire in his heart to seek out the best of America.

After much travelling through the US, Younger headed further north, and ended up planting his roots in the Canadian city of Vancouver, where he became an integral part of the underground music scene, playing in local acts like The Zolas and Sun Wizard.

Produced by Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat), Feelin’ American is razor-sharp dance rock with soul, swagger and substance. Younger wears his influences on his sleeve, with traces of The Smiths, Tom Petty, and The Strokes all to the fore.

There's a perennial quality to these songs, made to sway the shoulders of every man and break the heart of every pretty girl.