The Complete Scripts and Stuff - Series ThreeWith the television show now in its third series comes the accompanying scripts book. This third installment of "The Complete Scripts and Stuff" is sure to continue to delight the cult fanbase the show has gained over the years with exclusive photographs and special extras. Britain, Britain, Britain. So good they done it thrice. But who is this book? And why? Fully illustrated in colour, this large-format hardback contains all the scripts to the third series of the award-winning show, together with brand new text and photos, which have been specially produced by Matt and David and are exclusive to this book. "Little Britain" has gone from being Britain's best-loved sketch comedy since "The Fast Show" and "The Office", and is now a phenomenon. With BAFTAs and awards aplenty, it's made the transition from cult cool to the kind of quotable success that comedy classics are made of. Alongside such household names as Daffyd, the only gay in the village; Marjorie Dawes, the terrifying FatFighters group leader; Emily Howard, the rubbish transvestite; and Vicky Pollard, the turbo-tongued chav, series three introduces us to a host of new characters, including Ting Tong, the mail order Thai bride who's got more than most girls; Sir Norman Fry, Member of Parliament for Little Fumble; and Mrs Emery, who has 'a bit of a problem downstairs'. This is the ultimate companion to Britain's favourite television show.Little Britain

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