Frank Turner

Frank Turner

Frank Turner says playing the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony was a "unique experience".

The folk singer played at the huge event in London last summer and revealed while some aspects of the process unsettled him, it was a once in a lifetime moment he couldn't turn down.

He told BANG Showbiz: "It was cool, it was a unique experience which was why I said yes to it. It's like, when the f**k are you ever going to get asked to do something like that again?

"There were parts of it that were a bit f***ed. I didn't enjoy being criminal record checked to check I wasn't a terrorist. That was kind of unpleasant.

"Some of the bureaucracy around it wasn't to my taste. But, yeah, it was a good time! I'm sure it was good for my career."

Frank saw his profile rise after his performance at the event, particularly with the success of his newest record 'Tape Deck Heart'.

He has insisted he wants his music - thus far a relatively underground phenomenon - to remain all-inclusive and rejected snobbery from all walks of life.

He added: "I don't want what I do to be elitist ... I went to a school that was filled with people who were snobbish fucking pricks, and I hated them because they would say 'those kinds of people'.

"And in saying something like that, you're immediately dismissing a huge load of individuals based on your own bullshit prejudices ... They're all people too, and f**k you for being so up your own arse that you think your choices in life are more valid than theirs.

"You know what - they might be, they might not be, but it's not for you to say - and everybody's welcome at my shows."

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