He explained: There's a difference between a singer and what I call a frontman or a performer

Aerosmith have vowed to keep touring without Steven Tyler if he embarks on a solo career.

The group are currently experiencing "personal differences" following confusion about the singer's long-term commitment to the band, after he recently said he wanted to take a break, before insisting he hadn't left, despite statements made by his bandmates saying he has quit for good.

Drummer Joey Kramer has now spoken about their situation saying that although they support the 'Crazy' singer's plans, the rest of the band don't want to put their careers on hold to wait for him.

He said: "Steven wants to do what he wants to do. That's great. I support him. I will always love him. I have always supported him … but we want to play too. I can't sit around for two years and not play my drums - or not function as a band.

"Just like writers write and dancers dance, we're musicians. We make music. That's what we want to continue to do, so whatever we have to do to move forward in that direction, that's what will happen."

The musician already has a clear idea in his mind of the sort of person he would want to stand in for Steven.

He explained: "There's a difference between a singer and what I call a frontman or a performer.

"Luckily for us, Steven is both of those and probably the best out there. If he chooses to go pursue a solo career for a while, then it would have to be somebody that can in my opinion have to do both - that would have to be able to perform the songs as well as sing them."