New Order's Bernard Sumner

New Order's Bernard Sumner

New Order learnt how to make 'Blue Monday' by recording their "farts"

Band members Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris were faced with the task of programming the seminal dance track by hand and using new equipment when they wrote it in 1983, and got to grips with their new synthesiser by recording their own bottom burps.

Band member Gillian Gilbert, who helped put the track together, explained: "The synthesiser melody is slightly out of sync with the rhythm. This was an accident. It was my job to programme the entire song, which had to be done manually.

"But I left a note out, which skewed the melody. We'd bought ourselves an Emulator 1, an early sampler. Bernard and Stephen had worked out how to use it by spending hours recording farts."

Despite the distorted rhythm of the track, sleeve designer Peter Saville - who created the simple cover art of their album 'Power, Corruption and Lies' - found himself mesmerised by the overall sound of the song, which became the biggest hit of their career.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "I met New Order in their Manchester studio to show them a postcard of the Henri Fantin-Latour flower painting I was using for 'Power, Corruption and Lies'.

"While I was there, they played me 'Blue Monday'. It sounded like something the equipment could play itself."

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