Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Hot Chip won't release new material "any time soon".

more gentle than their previous efforts.

He said:

The 'Over and Over' stars insist the follow-up to last year's 'Made in the Dark' is far from finished and wants people to remove their expectations of them.

Singer-and-guitarist Alexis Taylor said: "We've got no name for it, we've got no grand release date.

"We're not planning to finish it any time soon. In fact, we'd rather no-one was expecting us to make an album, because we're not really that far down the line yet."

Synth player Joe Goddard recently revealed the material they are currently working on is "more gentle" than their previous efforts.

He said: "We're kind of stepping things down a bit because we want to make this next album quite simple, gentle, focussed; just 10 or 11 tracks of really excellent pop songs that hopefully will become timeless classics.

"There'll be club tunes but not the really banging ones. But making songs like that always gives you the scope to do a really banging remix, which we'll probably try and do as well."

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