Pete Townshend says The Who have ruled out doing live-stream concerts.

The Who

The Who

The 74-year-old guitar legend insisted he and his bandmate, frontman Roger Daltrey, 76, won't be taking to social media during lockdown to host their own gigs from home because it "doesn't suit old rock 'n' roll elitists" like himself.

The 'Pinball Wizard' hitmaker also admitted it would take a lot of people to get them ready for a streaming gig and that he's used to having a crew member tuning his instrument, which is out of the question with everyone in self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

He told Matt Everitt on BBC Radio 6 Music during Shaun Keaveny's show hosted by Tom Ravenscroft: "The idea of doing an online concert really suits musicians who are very independent.

"It doesn't suit old rock 'n' roll elitists like me.

"I don't think I have tuned my own guitar to go on stage for many years."

Pete then pointed out: "Would it end up involving 40 people in a studio all breathing on one another?"

The legendary rocker also revealed he's planning to listen to Donald Glover's new album, '3.15.20', during self-isolation.

The 'My Generation' star will fill his time dedicating "an hour of concentrated listening" to the artists he loves, including the 36-year-old hip-hop star.

Pete doesn't feel the youth of today, the Spotify generation, spend enough time getting stuck into one record.

He said: "I have to say, I have thought, well this would be a good time to sit down and get the vinyl out of Nick Cave's [2019 album] 'Ghosteen'.

"It's a good time to get out the new album by Childish Gambino.

"It's time to listen to some new orchestral writing that I've missed and just seriously sit and give it that hour of concentrated listening that I'm always complaining young people don't do anymore.

"So I will be listening to music I think."