The Wanted are set to reunite for their 10-year anniversary.

The Wanted

The Wanted

Tom Parker has admitted he'd love nothing more than for the band - comprised also of Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, and Nathan Sykes - to reform in 18 months' time to mark and celebrate a decade since it launched in 2009.

The 29-year-old singer told OK! magazine: "I didn't want the band to split, it was my life for six years. We were happiest when we were on stage, it was all the s**t that went on with politics, the record label and too many opinions, which caused friction. I would like us to do something for our ten-year anniversary, which is in 18 months."

However, Tom doesn't know whether Nathan will be willing to rejoin the group temporarily because he's so busy focusing on his solo career at the moment.

He explained: "Whether it's a five or a four I'm not sure, it's just whether Nath would like to as he's concentrating on his solo career, which is fair enough."

The Wanted split in 2014 in order to pursue solo endeavours but they admitted at the time that they would be keen to work together again in the future.

Tom isn't the first member of the group to talk about a reunion as Max recently said he's "sure" they'll do something again in the future but they wouldn't be able to do it if two members of the band decided against it.

He said: "It's been more sat around having a pint, saying, 'Aw it would be great to do it again, wouldn't it?' I think in the back of our minds we'd all like to do at some point.

"With Nathan I haven't spoke to him for a little while. I'd say about 12 months. But I know obviously he was doing his own thing and he was really busy.

"I haven't seen Siva for a long time. Siva was always sort of difficult to sort of get hold of anyway. It's just the way Siva is. There's been no fall out.

"I think if everyone wanted to do it and the other one just didn't wanna do it I think you'd have to just respect that and say: 'OK mate.'

"But I'm not sure (we could do it with three) -- that would be like being the SUGABABES! I think we might have to have four."