The Pretty Things were joined on stage by Van Morrison and Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour on Thursday (13.12.18) evening.

Van Morrison

Van Morrison

After 55 years of rocking the world with their raw and rebellious music, the group are hanging up their electric guitars and were enable to ensure their last-ever show at indigo at The O2 in London ended on a high thanks to having their old friends share the spotlight with them.

The concert was divided into three parts - the first and last consisting mainly of their raucous R&B songs while the middle part was mainly devoted to their more psychedelic period including their album 'SF Sorrow', during which Gilmour weaved and spun out mesmerising notes on his spellbinding guitar.

The final part brought Van Morrison, who Pretty Things lead singer Phil May introduced as a good friend and one of the greatest singers of all time.

It showed how much respect the Pretty Things have among fellow musicians that they could summon up such big names for their last encore.

The Pretty Things began at the same time as the band who were their closest rivals in the early sixties, The Rolling Stones, but while The Stones have become the biggest band in the world, the Pretty Things have eked out a living playing small clubs and festivals in far flung corners of the world.

Part of this is due to the mayhem and wildness that has always been at the centre of their lives, which has resulted in their career going haywire at many points.

It is therefore all the remarkable that despite all this, they have managed to carry on for 55 years - unlike The Stones who have royally reaped the riches and luxuries that the rock world can offer.

The Pretty Things put their all into this show - despite 72-year-old May suffering from emphysema and their brilliant lead guitarist Dick Taylor looking rather fragile at 75 years of age.

Stand out songs included early hits 'Rosalyn' and 'Don't Bring me Down', a selection of songs from their concept album 'SF Sorrow' including Trust and a homage to R&B icon Bo Diddley, which featured 'Mona', 'Pretty Thing', 'You Can't Judge A Book' and 'Roadrunner'.