Trent Reznor only enjoyed his Oscar win for "18 hours".

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor

The Nine Inch Nails singer and his collaborator Atticus Ross won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for their work on 2010 movie 'The Social Network' and he admitted their success made him wonder what his next career move should be, and he was quickly left feeling inadequate again.

He said: "Your head spins a little bit when your first film goes on to win an Oscar. There's nowhere to go but down from there, right?

"And you start to wonder -- should it be 'F**k rock and roll! I've got a new lease on life that doesn't have quite the age limit restrictions that playing in a rock band does? Should I put all my eggs in that basket?'

"It wasn't that our egos were out of control. Because one thing about us is, as great as winning an Oscar is, the next day by lunchtime, we were back to being the same not-good-enough assholes that we were before we'd won one.

"It felt good for maybe 18 hours. It was a great experience and I have a lot of respect for the institution, but it didn't fix everything that's wrong with our brains, and our inadequacies remained."

The 'Head Like a Hole' hitmaker admitted he and Atticus considered "begging" legendary movie composer Hans Zimmer for apprenticeships when they first realised what a daunting task they'd taken on with 'The Social Network'.

He recalled in an interview with Variety: "There was a terrifying ride home for Atticus and myself after watching 20 minutes of the first cut and wondering, 'What in the hell are we going to do for this movie? There's not room for any music! It's constant dialogue. How do you write music for a scene where someone turns the corner and goes down the stairs and it's eight seconds? I'm not even sure how you even start on that.'

"And after a panicked couple hours of wondering if we should beg Hans Zimmer to let us come make coffee and watch what he does, we thought, let's try a different approach. Let's apply to this skill set what we do know how to do."

Meanwhile, research has shown 2,614 pints of beer and 915 pints of cider were sold when Nine Inch Nails performed at London's Royal Albert Hall in June - and one cup of peppermint tea.

The 76 glasses of champagne handed over by bar staff at that gig paled into insignificance when compared with Kylie Minogue's Christmas spectacular, as the clearly-celebratory audience bought 4,846 glasses of fizz during her performance.

Other unusual findings from the venue's in-house caterers, Rhubarb, included three WWE audience members opting for kale smoothies, while another three bought glasses of milk.

Anthony Winter-Brown, Director of Visitor Experience at the Royal Albert Hall, said: "At the Royal Albert Hall, we have a host of different bars to account for all tastes, from the Heineken Green Room to the Jacob Schweppe's bar.

"Whether it's pop, rock or even wrestling, we try to ensure we cater to all tastes, both on and off the stage."

In 2019, the Hall is launching a new service through the Royal Albert Hall Food and Drink app which allows the audience to order drinks so they are ready for the interval.

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