Trent Reznor still thinks about David Bowie "all the time".

Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor

The Nine Inch Nails singer knew his recent track 'God Break Down the Door' - on which he plays saxophone - would remind people of his late friend, who died of cancer in January 2016.

He said: "The decision to do the Bowie-esque, croony vocal was just f***ing around initially without the intent of it ever going to the outside world. And Atticus spoke up and said, 'You gotta keep that.'

"I knew it would [remind people of Bowie]. I mean, I still think about that man all the time."

And the 'Mr. Self Destruct' rocker admitted the passing of the musical icon felt almost like a member of his own family had died and explained how the deaths of certain people in the public eye is a huge loss to society.

He said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine: "Let's first talk about Anthony Bourdain. I never met him. But I liked the world with him in it better. I liked knowing he was out there in some fashion, especially in these times. That's a loss; culturally, we needed that voice.

"With Bowie, I did know him to a degree. I certainly studied his work and continued to do so.

"It felt like, 'Man, we weren't done. There's more to go. I needed you in the world.' It was like a family member almost.

"There are these people that you feel you can rely on out there - not for support necessarily, but it's good to know they're experiencing life as we're in semi-uncertain times and even when we aren't. I think about that a lot."