Tinie Tempah's family can be dismissive of his problems because they don't understand the pressures of fame.

Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah

The 29-year-old rapper quickly bonded with Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers when they first met last year, and he appreciates having a friend who can understand that being rich and famous doesn't mean there's never anything wrong in his life.

He said: "We talk about life and our experiences a lot.

"People think that because you're on TV, life is beautiful. It many ways it is, but we're human.

"When you tell family or friends about your problems, they laugh and say, 'It's alright for you to say, you're a pop star.' They can't necessarily relate to it."

And Tom, 30, is thankful for the 'Pass Out' hitmaker's friendship because they can "relate" to one another, and he's lost some pals as he's grown more successful.

He said: "I used to think the best friends are the ones you've known the longest. But sometimes it's the people who come into your life who you can relate to.

"My life changed dramatically in a very short space of time. You lose a lot of friends when that happens.

"It doesn't mean that I'm a bad person or that they were. It's just the reality of life changing. That said, he'll only be a real friend if he raps about me."

The pair know they can always turn to one another if they are in need of advice.

Tom said: "It's about how we can help each other navigate everything. Our best advice to each other is just be you and go with your gut.

"We went to Geneva recently and I remember getting off the train an Tinie said, 'If something is there, you've got to take it.'

"When you hear that from someone who's talented in their field, you think, 'Yes, go take it/ Don't overthink anything.' "

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