Take That have put their partying days behind them as they admit they enjoy the odd beer or wine and cheese after gigs.

Take That

Take That

Gary Barlow and Howard Donald - who are joined by Mark Owen in the current line-up of the 'Back For Good' group - have revealed what the band get up to after performing to arena-sized crowds nowadays - and it's much more refined than in the 90s.

Gary, 47, spilled: "I like a drink after a gig, because at some point you've got to start coming out the other side.

"You're performing in front of 12,000 people who are going crazy for two hours, so it's difficult for me to come back and go to the hotel room.

"There's a little team of us who will go to the bar and I like a glass of wine after a gig to help me come down slowly."

Whilst Howard, 50, says he likes to deal with the "come down" after an adrenaline-pumped show by nibbling on a savoury treat to soak up the booze.

He added to the Metro newspaper that he has: "A few beers ... then cheese and biscuits to soak it up."

He quipped: "It's so rock 'n' roll, isn't it?"

Earlier this year, Gary revealed he was on a health kick for his solo 47-date UK tour, and limited the number of drinks he had after gigs because he was knocking back at least four alcoholic beverages the last time he was touring with Take That on their 'Wonderland Tour' in 2017.

He said at the time: "I'm trying not to drink, if I'm honest, because I'm a bit of a devil.

"I like a drink, you see.

"Usually when you come off stage it feels like such a celebration, as you've been sweating and running round for two hours, I like to start to wind down and have a drink.

"But I've got to keep my eye on that as all of a sudden I realise I'm having four drinks instead of just one, so I'm just trying to be careful.

"It's 47 dates so I just want to make sure I get on there every night and I'm fit and healthy.

"I'm 47 now and there comes a point in your life you've got to look after yourself."

Take That have just announced their Greatest Hits tour to mark their 30th anniversary as a band and have also re-imagined their hits for the new LP 'Odyssey'.

Gary says that former members Robbie Williams, 44, and Jason Orange, 48, are still included as much as possible on the record.

He admitted: "It just feels like an end of a chapter."