Mike Skinner has revealed The Streets are set to release an album.

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner

The 39-year-old frontman has been in the studio collaborating with artists Chip and Grim Sickers on a track entitled 'Call Me in the Morning' which will feature in his upcoming musical movie and he intends to unveil an LP and play a host of festival dates.

Speaking to the new issue of Q Magazine, he said: "I'm going to be releasing more music as and when I feel inspired in the lead-up to the film.

"I've got a track that will be out by the time this runs, I think, called 'Call Me In The Morning' with Chip and Grim Sickers, which is really good. And I'm planning a mixtape during 2019, as well as getting back into the swing of festivals. Then I'm going to make my film, release my album and after that we're going to buy the West End off Andrew Lloyd Webber."

The album would be the first release by The Streets since 2011's 'Computers and Blues'.

The British rap group went on hiatus after touring that record - their fifth studio LP - but reunited this year for 'The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light Tour' and ahead of those shows they unveiled fresh song 'Boys Will Be Boys' in March.

Skinner's film is inspired by US teen TV series 'Dawson's Creek' - which began in 1998 and starred Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek - and is a "farce" which centres around boys and girls getting into trouble in a club.

Speaking previously about his project, he said: "It's a farce about guys and girls getting into trouble in a club. The story isn't clever, it's all in the dialogue, and that's what I love. What was that teen show where everyone's a philosopher? 'Dawson's Creek' - it's a bit like that."

The 'Dry Your Eyes' hitmaker also revealed he is hoping to bring a "cleverness" to his writing.

He said: "I like [my characters] to say the things that they thought of when they're walking home from a terrible argument, and thinking, 'Oh, I should've said that.'

"Not political correctness, just cleverness. Because stories aren't reality, they're an exercise for the mind.' "