The Streets have released a new single titled 'How Long's It Been?'.

Mike Skinner and Flohio

Mike Skinner and Flohio

The hip hop music group's frontman Mike Skinner has teamed up with Flohio to release the new track under The Streets' name, which recorded in collaboration with Cognac manufacturer Hennessy, as part of their Masters of Potential project in association with Abbey Road Studios.

Speaking about working with Flohio, Mike - who also produced the track - said in a statement: "Flohio's energy is insane. She adds colour to a quite serious trap energy and makes something just as unpredictable and homespun as anyone from Atlanta. She has the juice on stage."

Hennessy's Masters of Potential project challenges musicians to create and record one-off moments live-to-vinyl at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

The Streets and Flohio's collaboration comes after two previous collaborations under the project from JP Cooper and Kojoey Radical, and Krept and Konan with Slaves.

'How Long's It Been?' is the first release from The Streets since 2018, following the smash 'Call Me In The Morning' featuring Chip and Grim Sickers.

The track arrives ahead of The Streets' upcoming collaborative mixtape, which is due out later this year, and is one of two albums the 'Dry Your Eyes' hitmakers are currently working on.

Mike, 40, recently revealed that alongside the mixtape, he's also working on the soundtrack for a film about a DJ, which he worked on last year, and which won't be released until 2020.

He said: "One of the reasons that I started it again is because I've written a film, which is about a DJ. And the album that I've written is kind of a musical; it's part of the film.

"While that's happening, I'm doing a mixtape, which is a collaborations album - and that will be out hopefully at the end of the summer. That's kind of like a Streets duet album."