Sting says James Bond author Ian Fleming has helped to inspire his career success.

Sting and Shaggy on ITV

Sting and Shaggy on ITV

The 66-year-old musician previously spent some time at the writer's house in Jamaica, where he penned some of his biggest hits, including the iconic 'Every Breath You Take'.

Sting - who has worked with Jamaican star Shaggy on their new album '44/876' - shared: "I lived for a little while at Ian Fleming's house, the James Bond author.

"I used to sit at his desk and try and write. I wrote one of my biggest songs on that desk which was 'Every Breath You Take'. I was infected by the magic of Jamaica. I always felt I had a debt to pay to Jamaica."

Initially, the chart-topping duo had only intended to record one song together.

But they quickly realised they have a strong chemistry, which led to them creating an album.

Appearing on ITV's 'Lorraine', Sting said: "We realised that our voices really complemented each other and it just led to a project from that."

Shaggy, 49, explained that '44/876' really came about by "accident", rather than design.

He said: "We enjoyed each other's company so much we decided we had to have an excuse to do it more, so we made this album by accident really.

"Everybody seems to like it. But it is surprising and I think surprise is such an important element in music."

Meanwhile, Sting also revealed how working with Shaggy had led him to evolve as an artist.

He said: "I've made him more meticulous and he's made me more spontaneous ... he can write songs instantly in public and I'm much more private.

"So we both had to enter outside of our comfort zones to create something new. It was so much fun."