Stereophonics have hinted that they've finished working on their 10th studio album.

Kelly Jones Stereophonics Instagram (c)

Kelly Jones Stereophonics Instagram (c)

The 'Maybe Tomorrow' hitmakers have taken to Instagram to share a picture of frontman Kelly Jones, 42, holding his guitar with the caption, "Album 10", and a green tick emoji, suggesting they've completed the record.

The new LP is to mark their 20th anniversary as a band and follows 2015's chart-topper 'Keep the Village Alive'.

Giving an update last July, Kelly said: "We've pretty much finished the 10th album. We'll start mixing it on September 6, when the tour's finished. I'd like to bring it out next summer or springtime if possible."

And the Welsh singer is adamant their collection won't be like any other band - who tend to regurgitate their hits for anniversary victory laps.

Speaking previously bout their plans to mark the 20 years since their debut LP 'Word Gets Around' was released, he explained: "I wouldn't want to do that with a bunch of memorabilia and B-sides. I want to keep the band moving forward."

Kelly is hoping the record will be released this spring.

He previously said: "We'll start mixing it this September when the tour's finished and I'd like to bring it out next summer, or spring time if possible.

"If it all works out well we'll be releasing our 10th studio album in our 20th year."

Stereophonics made their first appearance in the music world with 'Word Gets Around' but it was their second album 'Performance and Cocktails' in 1999 that catapulted them into the limelight with their singles 'The Bartender and the Thief', 'Pick a Part That's New' and 'Just Looking'.