Bob Dylan is a Stereophonics fan.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

The 'Blowin' in the Wind' hitmaker was asked which records he has heard lately that he likes and the Welsh rockers - fronted by Kelly Jones - were on his list along with Iggy Pop's 'Après' and the late Amy Winehouse's last record, 2006's 'Back to Black'.

In an interview conducted by Bill Flanagan on his official website - - he said: "Iggy Pop's Après, that's a good record. Imelda May, I like her. Valerie June, the Stereophonics. I like Willie Nelson and Norah Jones' album with Wynton Marsalis, the Ray Charles tribute record. I liked Amy Winehouse's last record."

The 75-year-old music legend also got candid about why he doesn't spend time with his support acts when he is on the road and insists he prefers to just hang out with his band mates and that he doesn't think they'd want to get to know him.

Asked why many of them were disappointed that he didn't speak with them, he admitted: "Beats me - why would they want to hang out with me anyway? I hang out with my band on the road."

Meanwhile, the rock 'n' roll icon - who was the recipient of the 2016 Nobel Prize award - said he has never made or plans to make music with other singers "in mind".

He said:"I play variations of contrasting themes on piano and if I extend that into higher or lower octaves, the melody does get sometimes out of my range. But I'm not trying to sing anything, I'm just playing a melody. As far as other singers go, I never write a song with another singer in mind."