Steps will make a new album in 2019.

Claire Richards

Claire Richards

The 'Chain Reaction' hitmakers are currently on a break from the band while they do their own thing, but Claire Richards says they haven't "split up" and will be working on new music next year.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We're having a break but next year we're gonna start recording a new album, which will be released after, so yeah more plans we're not stopping we haven't split up - it's all good."

The 90s group - completed by Lisa Scott-Lee, Lee Latchford-Evans, Ian 'H' Watkins and Faye Tozer - reunited for their 20th anniversary last year for a tour and new LP 'Tears on the Dancefloor', which hit number two on the UK chart, and Claire previously said they needed some "headspace" to figure out their next move as a group.

She previously admitted: "We have talked about it and we would all really like to.

"Judging from the success of 'Tears on the Dancefloor' there is a hunger for it.

"I think we all loved that album so much and it would be nice to continue this chapter with another new album.

"We are definitely going to be taking a break at the end of the summer to regroup and get a bit of headspace and be normal again, but I am not going to say 100 per cent because I don't know what is going to happen between now and then, but we are definitely thinking about it."

Meanwhile, the 41-year-old singer has been busy during the band's downtime, as she recently released her debut solo single 'On My Own', from her first album 'My Wildest Dreams', which is due out on November 2.

Speaking about finally having the confidence to go it alone, she said: "I feel like I am in completely in the right place in my life and more confident than ever and just feel comfortable with myself.

"If I don't do it now it's never gonna happen.

"I think turning 40 definitely had something to do with it, it just made me really think this is something I wanna do so I'm gonna go for it."