Steps "cringe" when they hear '5,6,7,8'.



The reformed group - which comprises Lisa Scott-Lee, Faye Tozer, Claire Richards, Ian 'H' Watkins and Lee Latchford-Evans - know fans will expect to hear their debut single on their upcoming reunion tour, but they'll find a new way to perform the song because they can't bear the track.

Asked if there are any songs they are not keen on performing, Lisa said: "'5,6,7,8'."

H explained: "Every band or artist probably has a song that makes them cringe when they hear it. I'm sure Kylie has nightmares about 'I Should Be So Lucky'."

Lee said: "We know the fans like it, so of course we'll perform it."

And Faye added: "But we'll find ways to do it differently."

The group were always renowned for their dance routines but they plan to focus more on singing than the physical aspects of the show when they get out on the road.

Claire said: "[We're] maybe not quite as all-dancing. We feel like we want to do a bit less dancing this time.

"We want to dance, but we also want to be able to sing everything live and make it sound as good as it can."

Faye added to heat magazine: "So, maybe a bit less jumping up and down."

The 'Better the Devil You Know' hitmakers are very proud of all their success and achievements over the years, and aren't interested in negative opinions.

Lee said: "It's about owning the Steps name now for us, because people did love or hate us the first time around.

"But now we can look back at all the success and all the achievements we've had and how hard we've worked and we're proud of it.

"If you like us, join in and have fun. If you don't, p**s off."