Sky Ferreira has slammed Internet trolls demanding her to release her album 'Masochism'.

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

The 23-year-old singer insists her second LP is not delayed as she didn't put a deadline on completing it and warned her fans that "bullying" her online will not make the record available to them any faster.

Taking to her Twitter account on Monday (21.03.16), she wrote: "I never gave a date on my album. Therefore there's no "delay". I'm working on it & have been since I was touring ... Bullying me on the Internet or whatever will not make the process faster (sic)"

Reiterating why her first album in three years hasn't come out yet she said she's been preoccupied with other "creative" projects, which includes travelling between New York and London to record 'Where The Light Gets In' with British rock band Primal Scream for their new album 'Chaosmosis'.

She continued: "I've said the same thing multiple times so I'm not going to go on a "rant" about it ... I've been working on it and doing lots of other (creative) things ...There isn't a timeline on music or creativity in general ... Quality over quantity. (sic)"

After tweeting her frustration she ended on a lighter note, saying that she can't wait for her new music to come out.

Although, she hates the words "delay" and "rant" being used in reference to the LP because it has been a "positive" experience.

She added: "Anyways. I'm really excited for it ... I kinda can't stand the words "rant" & "delay" 'cause anytime I talk about my album they tend to get used the most when neither exist rn lol ... They both mean something negative but only positive things have been happening when it comes to making this album so STOP USING IT (sic)"