Sergio Pizzorno wants his solo career to hit the same "peak" as Kasabian.

Sergio Pizzorno

Sergio Pizzorno

The 38-year-old musician began working on his debut solo project The S.L.P. during his band's two-year hiatus following the release of their 2017 album 'For Crying Out Loud', and has now revealed that he wants to match the success of the English rock band with his own music.

Speaking about writing songs for Kasabian, he told the I newspaper: "You have to consider there's gonna be all these people in front of you so you have to deliver the goods.

"And in that headspace, if I pick up the guitar it's violence and it's raw, euphoria and togetherness.

"With The S.L.P I want to get to the same point, hit the same peak. But it's delicate and rhythmic and a whole different approach. "

The 'Fire' hitmaker went on to open up about his relationship with Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan and insisted that it was a "testament to the love we have for each" how supportive the singer was of his pal's solo work.

He said: "He's been amazing. It's testament to the love we have for each other that he's just been pure positive and really happy for me to do it.

"And that's huge because that conversation was ringing round my head. Telling people I wanted to do this but we were six albums in and that, without changing it somehow, all the amazing things you've done get overlooked.

"Five No.1 albums on the spin is massive - only a few bands have done that. Headlining Glastonbury, selling out three O2s its massive, but everyone's used to you doing them it becomes the assumption."

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