Serge Pizzorno wants Kasabian to continue forever.

Serge Pizzorno

Serge Pizzorno

The 38-year-old musician is taking a break from bandmates Tom Meighan, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews to release his own solo album 'The SLP' but he hopes to reunite with the band and continue playing into their seventies like The Rolling Stones.

He told The Sun's Bizarre column: "I think so. As long as it was worth it.

"For me, and for the rest of the boys there has to be a reason. If it was just to sell T-shirts or because one of us needed a conservatory or something, then it's a no, it's not for me.

"Ideas are what keep me going, if I've not made something in a day I feel like I've done nothing."

And Serge insisted his bandmates are supportive of his solo career.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "It's probably testament to why we're still together that they didn't mind. Tom understands that you need to explore what else is out there. Otherwise you become the band everyone expects you to be."

Serge also spoke about how he believes Kasabian were wrongly classified as lad rockers when they actually had a number of different musical influences.

He said: "On our first record I would wanna sit people down and go, 'No, no, no - this is where we were fishing for that stuff, Can and Neu! or whoever. But whatever we said, [people] would just ask us about the Happy Mondays. I soon saw it was best to just keep your mouth shut, because if you're still able to make albums and art, who cares where it comes from anyway?

"But at the same time, we did grow up where, if you wanted to be in a band, you had to have your wits about you. If you're playing in a village pub in Leicester in front of a load of lads that would throw darts at your head for having long hair, you can either go in and be all art school, or you can snap a snooker cue in half and say, 'Let's go!' But then I still wanted to get them in the corner and talk about Jodorowsky afterwards."

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