Royal Blood think their music is like a unique "milkshake".

The duo believe part of their success is their ability to appeal to fans of a variety of genres because they have "invented" their own sound.

Royal Blood think they have invented their own "recipe" with their unique sound because they appeal to many different people.

Singer and bassist Mike Kerr said: "The people who get us, they're not on the same page necessarily [as each other].

"From our live experiences, we can do Download and Reading and Glastonbury and the same people are behind us but they don't necessarily all like rock.

"It's like... we invented our own recipe. We both said, 'This milkshake would taste great' and someone tried it and thought it was really nice. Now everyone's drinking our milkshake."

The 'Little Monster' rockers also hit out at stereotypical rock and roll excess, insisting they are "just the same" as anyone else.

Mike said: "Those stereotypes are only there to be destroyed. It's an illusion and a fantasy and people choose to see you in a certain way almost through ignorance. It's not what we are.

"The whole rock-star lifestyle was a genuine thing back then. But now - don't be a **** basically.

"What's really rock and roll is writing an amazing song that makes people go f***ing mental. Rock isn't doing coke on your own in a toilet then crying yourself to sleep. That's depressing."

His bandmate, drummer Ben Thatcher, added to NME magazine: "Trashing a hotel room? I don't understand the thrill of that. I'm very OCD and that would just ruin the start of my day. I like to leave a hotel room almost as tidy as I found it.

"We enjoy cooking, we enjoy watching 'Match of the Day' just the same as any other people. You'll see us at the garden centre, maybe eating a brownie..."

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