Royal Blood's Mike Kerr has teamed up with alternative rock group Turbowolf for new song 'Domino'.

Mike Kerr

Mike Kerr

The 'Lights Out' duo's vocalist and bassist has revealed he's been a massive fan of the British four-piece - comprised of Chris Georgiadis, Andy Ghosh, Blake Davies and Lianna Lee Davies - since they first hit the scene in 2008, and says it was a dream come true to trade vocal duties with frontman Chris on the psychedelic punk track, which is out now.

Speaking of the collaboration, which features on their new record 'The Free Life' , Mike said: "I've been a fan of 'The Wolf' right from the beginning. Over the years we have become great friends but to get to sing on one their songs is a dream for me.

"'Domino' is everything I want from Turbowolf as a fan, some of the best riffs money can't buy and so catchy that you feel like both of your ears are reminiscing with a dear old friend. Rock and roll's very own paramedics have done it again."

'Rabbit's Foot' hitmakers Turbowolf will join the 'Figure It Out' rockers on their forthcoming US tour, which kicks off at The Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles on February 17.

However, getting to tour and make the song with Mike wasn't out of the ordinary for the band as all the people they work with are just their mates.

Guitarist Andy said: "These people are our friends, which means it's fun ...and texturally, it's interesting. It adds extra dimension."

'The Free Life' - the follow-up to 2015's 'Two Hands' - will be released via So Recordings on March 9.