Royal Blood have teased a new song.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood

The rock duo - frontman Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher - shared a 48 -second clip preview of new music along with footage from the studio in their first teaser of their eagerly-awaited follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut this year.

They captioned the clip posted on Twitter: "This is us then, where are you now? (sic)"

The 'Figure It Out' hitmakers previously posted a 17-second video clip of 27-year-old frontman Mike getting tattooed with the year 2017 inked on his arm back in December, leading fans to predict they are to drop their eagerly-anticipated second record this year.

Alongside the teaser posted on their Facebook page, they simply wrote: "2017."

The 'Little Monster' rockers last gave an update on their next record in October 2015, when they revealed they'd built a mini recording studio inside their tour bus, whilst also admitting they won't release new music until it "sounds amazing".

Mike previously said: "I built a studio in the back of our bus.

"It's very hard to write when everything keeps falling over because the driver's taken a massive corner. It was our writing den - we'd have Clint Eastwood movies playing with the volume down."

And, although the record has been a long time coming the band did share new track, 'Hook, Line and Sinker', which they debuted live at Reading Festival in August, a song which drummer Ben, 29, admitted is "the weirdest song" they'd written at the time.

He said: "I think that song came about a few months before Reading. We were so desperate to play it, so we did. The writing process really has just begun.

"Maybe that's like, the weirdest song on the record, I don't know yet - It's hard to say."