Royal Blood have "written a few bits" of their next album.

Royal Blood

Royal Blood

The 'Figure It Out' hitmakers - made up of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher - have teased their third studio album is in the early stages, but they are still "in the thrust of touring" their latest record 'How Did We Get So Dark?', so fans shouldn't expect a new album anytime soon.

Mike said: "We've thought about it. We're pretty busy at the moment. We've started writing a few bits, but we're kind of still in the thrust of touring. Until that comes to a close, we won't be embarking on much as of yet.

"We're still living and breathing the one that's out at the moment."

Royal Blood recently hit the road with Queens of the Stone Age and admitted they have become a "much better band" thanks to the 'No One Knows' hitmakers.

They added: "It was sobering, in a way. They really looked after us, actually. We just hung out a lot. We went for dinner all the time together, and they're just really nice people.

"We got to watch them play every night, and I feel like we've become a much better band because of it."

While there could be some Queens influences on their upcoming third album, Mike also admitted he wouldn't mind if they made a reggae record.

He added to NME: "As long as it's rock music, and it's me and him smashing the s**t out of our instruments and having a laugh, then it could be a reggae record for all that we care."

The group shot to fame in 2014 with their self-titled debut album, which spawned singles such as 'Out of the Black', 'Come on Over' and 'Little Monster'.