Ricky Wilson worries Kaiser Chiefs fans were "scared off" by their last album because it was more a pop record.

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson

The 'Ruby' hitmakers love experimenting with different sounds and approaches to recording, but the 38-year-old singer admitted some of their loyal supporters were not thrilled by their October 2016 LP 'Stay Together' which they made with producer Brian Higgins, famous for his Xenomania production group that created hits for the likes of Girls Aloud, S Club and The Saturdays.

Speaking to Closer magazine, he said: "We're in the studio recording and I think there is a lot more to come from us. We're always working on new music and we've made every record in a different way. I did think we might have scared off some of our fans with the pop feel of the last album, 'Stay Together'."

Ricky previously revealed he thought 'Stay Together' was full of "instant hits", like 'Parachute' and 'Hole In My Soul', and he felt they were being true to their original "ethos".

He said: "We weren't into making a guitar record this time. We wanted to remember our ethos ... When we wrote our first record, all we wanted to do was to play festivals where everyone remembered us. To do that we had to write what sounded to us like instant hits.

"I think somewhere along the way of our career we forgot this is what we love doing. So on this record we've gone back to writing songs that when people hear them for the first time they go, 'I know this and I am enjoying it and don't care who the band is. I like it.'"

Meanwhile, Ricky admits that he thinks the reason Kaiser Chiefs are still going strong after a decade of making music, is simply because they "have fun".

The former 'Voice' coach said: "We just enjoy it and have fun together. And nothing actually catastrophic has happened to us. We've done all right and we are still here and that's how we will continue. Just seeing what comes next."