Richard Dreyfuss

Richard Dreyfuss

Actor Richard Dreyfuss' future son-in-law has been left scrambling for a tie to wear to his wedding after a clothing manufacturer mixed up his order and sent him confidential employee data instead.

I have empathy for their situation

Emily Dreyfuss' fiance ordered a tie from Banana Republic for their upcoming nuptials and was shocked when he received a package from the firm's parent company, Gap Inc., which contained employee tax information and social security numbers.

The Jaws star's journalist daughter is hopeful her husband-to-be's outfit will arrive in time for their big day, but she admits the incident caused her to question America's handling of important documents.

In an article for Massachusetts publication The Atlantic Wire, she writes, "Human error happens; we know that. And, in a corporation as massive as Gap, with approximately 135,000 employees and over 3,000 stores worldwide, the amount of data being transmitted daily is enormous. But that is all the more reason to handle it extremely carefully... "People born in the late '80s, like most of these employees, don't often interact with the mail.

Everything in their life is digital.

I have empathy for their situation.

But I also don't want my or your or their information in their hands...

Our data is out there in all forms.

It can be hacked, or it can just be mailed in a perfect bundle to a potential identity thief".