Reverend and The Makers will attempt to make an album using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Jon McClure

Jon McClure

The cult rock group's frontman Jon McClure has revealed their controversial plan - which they freely admit could see a number of musicians, including themselves, looking for work in the future - to produce songs via a "mental music-making machine" which the singer has invented with the help of the University of Sheffield.

The 'He Said He Loved Me' rocker insisted that he doesn't care that his peers think the idea is "weird" because he loves that it p**** people off".

Speaking on 'Red Stripe: Presents: This Feeling TV', Jon said: "I've got this mental thing I've been doing with the University of Sheffield, we've been making artificial intelligence music-making machines, and I'm about to do something in the next six months that no-one's ever done.

"I said, Listen, I've got this idea about making all these mental machines'.

"There's four bits of it, there's the beat and the bassline but there's a thing where you can have artificially-generated lyrics and I've been sending them to other people in the music industry to see what they'd think, and the responses have been a bit weird.

"Some people love it and some people are so against it and I like it because it p**** people off."

Jon thinks bands and artists should have fun with AI before it takes over the music industry and he's even got a label for making AI music.

He said: "You'll go to a gym in 10 years and type in gym playlist and it's like algorithmic dance music.

"I'm thinking let's make some art here, before it's used for badness, corporate so yeah, we're gonna come out with some mad stuff and I've got a few projects. I've got a label that's gonna do some stuff and it's exciting."

On the subject of tech, the 'Heavyweight Champion Of The World' hitmaker recalled retrieving his "big brick" phone from the toilet pit at Glastonbury one year.

He said: "I'll tell you when I knew phones changed the world and maybe not for the better: I went to Glastonbury and do you remember those big brick phones everyone had, originally?

"I went to the toilet and I've dropped my phone into the pit below, you know what they're like at festivals, there's all sorts of minging stuff isn't there? And I've climbed in to get it!"

The latest episode of 'Red Stripe: Presents This Feeling TV' is available to watch on YouTube now.