Radiohead star Ed O'Brien suspects he's had coronavirus.

Ed O'Brien

Ed O'Brien

The 51-year-old musician has said he believes he's had the the virus because he's had the reported symptom of losing all sense of taste and smell, though he insisted he's not been tested and he is "getting over it".

In an interview with, he said: "Well, I've got the virus but I'm getting over it.

"I Googled it last night and that's a classic symptom of the coronavirus. "So, it's like, okay, I've got it."

Ed is in quarantine at his home Wales and insisted he's by no means "in danger".

He said: "For someone like myself, this is just a bad dose of the flu. I'm not in any way in danger.

"I basically sat outside all day because the weather is glorious.

"It's the first sunshine we've had this spring. It's not a bad place to be."

The guitarist has also given an update to his fans on Twitter.

In a statement, he wrote: "It is most probably the coronavirus," he writes. "I've lost my sense of smell and taste and it's been like a dose of flu.

"I haven't been tested because it's not readily available and also I think the tests are more important and valuable for the vulnerable in our community.

"I'm expecting a full recovery and am of course self-isolating."

Other musicians affected by COVID-19 include Bon Jovi's keyboard player David Bryan, who tested positive, as well as producer-and-songwriter to the stars Andrew Watt.

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