Bobby Gillespie

Bobby Gillespie

Primal Scream won't become a "nostalgia" act.

Liking to "challenge" their audiences, they add performances of new material to their sets rather than using an extensive back catalogue of classic hits.

Frontman Bobby Gillespie said: "The new songs go down really well. Of course people love all the old hits and stuff. [But] I think you have got to shake things up, challenge your audience as well. Otherwise it just becomes a greatest hits type things, which is cool as well, but I just think to remain completely relevant you need to have really good new songs that you are proud of playing live."

"We don't want to just be a nostalgia act, and that is not a criticism levelled at anybody else, because I think that can be a great night out for people too. But where we are, we want to be contemporary artists, and make contemporary art, and that is what we are doing."

The group are "really proud" of latest album 'More Light' and find working on new material is also a good "challenge" for themselves.

Bobby added in an interview with Absolute Radio: "We are really proud of the 'More Light' album, and we were really thrilled to be playing it live.

"The new songs are getting a great reception from the fans, and I mean you have always got to challenge yourself and do new stuff. That keeps everything exciting and new and fresh."

The full interview with Bobby - who was speaking following Primal Scream's intimate Hard Rock Cafe Presents Absolute Radio session in London - is available at

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