U2 are hoping to premiere "one or two songs" from their upcoming album whilst on their 'Joshua Tree' anniversary tour.

Adam Clayton

Adam Clayton

The rock band - comprised of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. - are set to embark on a celebratory tour of their 1987 album 'The Joshua Tree' as it turns 30 this summer, and have said they are hoping to perform some new material from their upcoming record 'Songs of Experience' if they feel the songs "work well" with the rest of the show.

Bassist Adam Clayton said: "It would be very much my wish that we could play something from 'Experience' as part of the show, maybe one or two songs.

"Again, I caution that by saying we really have to see the arc of this show and we have to figure out whether those 'Experience' songs would work well in a stadium in this context, but I'd love to see some of that material out there and people being familiar with it before the album comes out."

The 56-year-old 'With or Without You' rocker also offered fans of the band an update as to when their new album is to be expected, saying it needs to be "polished off" but should be ready by the end of the year.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "We all very much feel like it needs to be the end of this year. It's not on any schedule anywhere, anything like that. We're going to get back to that later this year and polish it off and finish it off a bit more. But we think we're there with it."

Meanwhile, the 'Beautiful Day' hitmakers announced last week they were having trouble picking the tracks that will make the final cut, as they have too much material to work with.

Adam said:" We've an abundance of great ideas and it's really about identifying what to finish and how to finish it."

Whilst The Edge added: "That's the gift and the curse of this record.

"The ordeal is getting all four members to agree on the same dozen songs."