Orville Peck has moved the release of his EP 'Show Pony' to August 14.

Shania Twain and Orville Peck (c) Twitter

Shania Twain and Orville Peck (c) Twitter

The 32-year-old masked singer announced two days ahead of the original release of the EP, which was set to arrive on June 12, that he decided to hold off on dropping the collection by a month, because he wanted to "put [his] focus" on using his voice and platform to support the fight for justice and equality after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests.

However, he has pushed it back another month, confirming it will arrive on streaming services next month.

Alongside a picture with country pop legend Shania Twain - who he duets with on the EP's track 'Legends Never Die' - Orville announced on Twitter: "hey everybody! Just got word that the official release date for 'Show Pony' will be Aug 14th. I wrote a duet for it and somehow wrangled one of my all time country music icons for it. Genuinely this is a dream come true. More soon! #letsgogirls (sic)"

In his original statement, Orville said: "Hey gang, I know it's only two days away but I've decided to push the release of my new EP 'Show Pony' to July.

"We're undergoing a huge overdue worldwide transformation thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and that is mainly what I want to put my focus on at the moment.

"The momentum is currently so strong, and it needs to keep going in order to dismantle the injustices of oppression, so if your voice hasn't been heard yet just use it, or walk out and hear the protesters, and if you're scared, tell them Orville sent you!"

The 'Turn To Hate' star also revealed that he had raised "close to $37,000" to support the black community.

Meanwhile, the 'Winds Change' singer recently hailed working with Shania as a "dream come true".

He said: "Working with Shania was a dream come true. Her music made me feel empowered as a kid and was a huge influence on me."

Shania teased the collaboration in a cryptic tweet last week, which was later reposted by Orville.

She wrote: "Baby we've been up all night."

And the 'No Glory in the West' hitmaker thinks the upcoming EP is a much more "confident" record than his debut album, 'Pony'.

He said: "['Show Pony'] is a more confident perspective and allows me to share even more both lyrically and musically.

"Like all country albums, 'Show Pony' is a little collection of stories - some sad, some happy - and I am excited for people to hear it."

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