OneRepublic will release new single 'Rescue Me' on Friday (17.05.19).



Ryan Tedder and co served up a graphic teaser for their first new music since their Galantis feature on 'Bones' earlier this year, which features eery music and sees a boy stood in front of a giant waterfall.

The clip posted on their Twitter page was simply captioned: "Rescue Me 5.17.19."

Prior to the collaboration with the Swedish electronic dance duo, the group released the 2018 tracks 'Connection' and 'Start Again' featuring Logic.

The former track was accompanied with a moving promo directed by Joel Pront and choreographed by Matthew Peacock, which was shot at The Oculus, which is New York City's newest addition to the 9/11 memorial and gave the release a profound feeling.

Focused on the differences between the digital world and reality, the clip starts in black and white before later bursting into full colour as they perform in the middle of the building.

In the chorus of the anthemic track - which also featured in Jeep's annual Summer of Jeep campaign - Tedder sings: "Can I get a connection? Can I get, can I get a connection?"

The band had fans take part in the shoot as extras for the live performance.

Meanwhile, Ryan admitted last year that the 'Stop and Stare' hitmakers - who released their last album 'On My Way' in 2016 - had "hit a wall" after a decade on the road.

The 39-year-old musician said the 'Counting Stars' group had burned themselves out and became "victims of our own ambition" by pushing themselves too hard, and that's why they decided to take a three-month hiatus in 2017.

Speaking in 2018, he shared: "We reached our 10-year anniversary last January, and we celebrated by taking three months off!

"We went in too hard with too many things and we eventually become victims of our own ambition.

"In a decade, I don't think any one of us has patted ourselves on the back.

"We operate under the assumption that it could all be gone tomorrow, that the very next song you put out could be a complete disaster.

"I think for a lot of artists it takes hitting the wall before you realise where the wall is.

"You're running in the dark and then it hits you.

"Now that I know where that wall is, I believe and pray that I'll never hit it again."

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