Noel Gallagher knows his solo music will never be as "culturally significant" as his work with Oasis.

Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher

The 54-year-old rocker insisted he doesn't think too much when writing new songs and doesn't feel any pressure to match his past success because his main goal these days is to produce material that makes him happy, and it's a bonus if other people like it too.

Speaking on 'The One Show' on Tuesday (15.06.21) evening, he said: "A lot of people work themselves into a paralysis about writing music – I don’t really think about it too much. If it feels good to me, I’ll put it out.

"Obviously, I’ve let go of the nineties and I’m never going to write things as culturally significant as that – and I’m cool with that.

"You can only do what you do to make yourself happy in the current moment and that’s what I’m doing, and whatever will be after that is up to other people to decide."

Elsewhere on the show, the 'Holy Mountain' hitmaker dodged questions about the possibility of reuniting his former group - which he's repeatedly insisted will never happen - by deliberately misunderstanding host Ronan Keating's question about "the band getting back together" and answering it as if the former Boyzone singer was interested in the musicians who make up his current High Flying Birds collective.

He quipped: "High Flying Birds? We’ll get back together in, I think, we are due back together in 2023 – coming to a garden fete near you.

"Yeah. We’ll be treading the boards together some time again in the 2020s."

The audience laughed and Ronan exclaimed, "Come on!" before Noel sat back with a grin.

The presenter said: "Look at that smile!"