Noel Fielding says pal Serge Pizzorno's S.L.P. solo album is "quite sexy" and the perfect soundtrack for making love to.

Serge Pizzorno

Serge Pizzorno

The Mighty Boosh comic and the Kasabian guitarist have been close friends for years and Noel has teased that there could be a few babies made when fans get their ears around the racy tunes on his 'The S.L.P.' album.

Noel conducted a Q&A with Serge, and said: "It is quite sexy, I thought it was pretty sexy anyway."

The songwriter - who released the lead single 'Favourites' featuring rapper Little Simz last month - also hinted he could make a movie soundtrack.

The comedian then asked Serge: "Have you done any film soundtracks or are you keeping that in your back pocket for when Tom's [Meighan, Kasabian frontman] in rehab?"

To which he replied: "Yeah I did it once a few years ago but I didn't really know what I was doing ... But I do love films."

The 'Processed Beats' hitmaker also heaped praise on his bandmates for being "supportive" of his side project.

He told the 'Great British Bake Off' co-host: "I had three tracks which I really liked as the beginning, middle and end of a record - and it just got me thinking if I could fill in the gaps there was potentially something great there to be done.

"It's very different to the stuff I've done with the band, but they were really supportive of me doing it. I just had a window while we had some time off and thought I'd try experimenting."

Serge previously revealed that 'Favourites' is inspired by dating apps.

The rocker explored the "identity crisis" people face when they present a different personality on sites like Tinder and Bumble and want to "escape" the persona they've created when they go on a real-life date.

He explained: ""Favourites" is about identity in the digital age. I was interested in how online dating is a sort of snapshot of this identity crisis. Through the speed and structure of the song, I wanted to capture the feeling of the real you inside your head trying to get out and escape during a first date.

"It's a dialogue between two people who are coming to terms with their true selves through their digital interaction becoming a physical one."

The 'Shoot the Runner' hitmaker also shared how he knew he wanted to get Simz on the track from the start, as he's always had a desire to work with a rapper.

He added: 'I've always wanted to make music with hip hop or grime artists."